SPECIAL REPORT: Nanners to be named Obama’s VP candidate

Illinois Senator, and Presidential hopeful Barack Obama (Democrat) has said that he’s chosen his VP running mate, but he’s keeping mum about it to the press. ‘Your Daily Nanners’ has it on good authority that tomorrow, our very own Fred Nannerson (aka Nanners) will be picked as Obama’s vice presidential hopeful. This will mark the first time a Democrat has named a puppet in the vice presidential chair. The Republican’s have previously done so with several of their Presidential offices, dating back to the election of Ronald Reagan to the current sitting President, southern puppet, George W. Bush.

Here’s Nanners’ very first campaign promo:

Nanners is extremely excited about the promise of becoming vice president. “It’s been a long, hard journey from the rain forests of the Congo to the streets of Ohio, but I’m ready to serve this great country,” said the tearful Allen Swamp Monkey who currently resides in Stow, OH.

“I can’t wait to get to the issues that matter…like making bananas free and banning films like ‘Jaws,’ so that people will no longer fear terrorist fish.” When asked about climate issues, the war in Iraq, gas prices and the state of the U.S. economy on the global market, Nanners shrugged, “Huh? Oh, those issues. Well, I’ll get to those too. But if i don’t, there’s always the second term.”

So that’s that. This November, grab a friend and head to your local voting booth and vote Obama/Nannerson. It’s America’s only choice!


One Response

  1. Yes! I will vote for the Obama/Nannerson ticket! For the last 8 years, it’s felt like the country was being run by monkeys… Might as well continue the trend!

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