Barack Obama is a Muslim–Nanners has the proof!!


This week, Nanners sets out to spoof bombastic punditry, lude politics, smear campaigns and more with his latest segment, “Nanners Gets Political…Real F***in’ Political”


Day Two:

Nanners did the research, now it’s up to you to decide. Nanners has discovered hard, factual evidence that Presidential hopeful, Barack Obama is, in fact, a muslim. Here’s the proof!!

If this terrifying, undoctored photo, plus yesterday’s shocking, evidence-riddled video wasn’t enough to prove it to you, Nanners doesn’t know what will. Don’t trust this man, he’s a Muslim. Muslims are evil, even the one’s who obviously aren’t. This God-hating, homo lovin’ liberal who must be stopped at all costs. We need to elect someone with righteous moral values–someone like….hmm, Nanners will have to get back to you on that one.

And here’s probably the single best, most disturbing (on multiple levels) piece of investigative journalism Nanners has ever seen!!!

Tomorrow, Nanners takes on V.P. hopeful Sarah Palin…things are gonna get messy.


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