Nanners is pregnant with Sarah Palin’s child!!!

This week, Nanners sets out to spoof bombastic punditry, lude politics, smear campaigns and more with his latest segment, “Nanners Gets Political…Real F***in’ Political”


Day Three:

Yes folks, it’s true, during an interview conducted in early January, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin raped Nanners silly. She couldn’t resist–one loony puppet to another. Just today, however, it has leaked that Nanners is now more than eight months pregnant with her unborn child.


Nanners was obviously scared about having the baby since he is male, a monkey, should not be able to reproduce and the ramifications of the birth could cause his death and the death of the baby. But Governor Sarah Palin came to Nanners’ side and told him that aborting the child was “not on the table.” She assured him that God wanted him to have the baby even if she did, in fact, rape him in the first place, and the birth was dangerous and against the natural laws of science. Nanners has decided to keep the baby and will soon be marrying Governor Palin. Palin herself has gone on record saying that she will “undoubtedly use this child to her advantage this election season.” Best of luck to her!!

So, as it turns out, the world will once again need to make way for yet another “Humanzee.” Stay tuned for further updates in this shocking story.

Here is Nanners favorite smear video about Sarah Palin’s son, Trig. Nanners has got to hand it to the Democrats, they sure know how to edit thier smear videos with zest. Way to rock the Guns N’ Roses!!


4 Responses

  1. I cannot even imagine the stuff that goes through your mind to come up with this kind of stuff. I love it. Thank you, Nanners!

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  4. […] Just after midnight, Nanners gave birth to a baby boy. Nanners, for those unaware, was pregant with Sarah Palin’s bastard child. After nine long months of gestation, the demon spawn saw the light of the world in the wee hours […]

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