BREAKING: Nanners had secret affair with John McCain!!

This week, Nanners sets out to spoof bombastic punditry, lude politics, smear campaigns and more with his latest segment, “Nanners Gets Political…Real F***in’ Political”


Day Five:

Amidst rumors that Nanners was pregnant with Sarah Palin’s child, yet another rumor has come to the surface involving the cute, fuzzy Allen Swamp Monkey, this time involving Presidential hopeful, Senator John McCain. As it turns out, McCain’s alleged affair with a lobbyist wasn’t his one and only tryst. Just three months ago, Senator McCain and Nanners had engaged in illicit sexual activity while on the campaign trail. Here is the un-doctored photo evidence:

Senator John McCain has called the homosexual affair “a blatant lie. A ruse of a desperate liberal left.”

This, however, wouldn’t be the first time Senator McCain has been accused of cheating. As stated above, he’s already been allegedly involved with a high-powered lobbyist and he admitted to cheating on his first wife upon returning home from Vietnam.

Further rumors speculate that McCain has slept with numerous other major Republican politicians and puppets, including current sitting President, Texas-puppet George W. Bush. One political pundit put in bluntly, “Look at the guy. What is he, like a 100? You don’t get that high, that old, without takin’ it in the a** from a few elephants, and even some donkeys, along the way.”

Strong words. Strong words indeed. Nanners will keep you posted on his relationship with McCain and the status of his baby with Governor Palin as the weeks continue…

In the meantime, Nanners found an amusing ‘Half Life’ love story between John McCain and Hillary Clinton that he thinks may be real. Enjoy:

NEXT WEEK: Nanners will continue his political butchering and spent some nights out on the town.


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