Nanners calls Michael Moore a ‘boob’ and Joe Biden is an ape!!

It continues, until Wednesday–Nanners sets out to spoof bombastic punditry, lude politics, smear campaigns and more with his latest segment, “Nanners Gets Political…Real F***in’ Political”


Day Six:

Nanners does his best to simulate what it’s like to live like a disgusting, opinionated, obese walrus, but he can only churn up Michael Moore. Close enough…

Here’s Michael Moore sounding like a true boob:

Also, Nanners has found proof that Senator Joe Biden is, in fact, an ape. Here’s the photo:

So glad to see Obama actually did pick an ape after all (for those unaware, Nanners was in the running for VP). You can see more Celebrity Apes by clicking on this link.


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