Nanners at the Movies (Part 9)


This week Nanners continues his ongoing “Nanners at the Movies” segment, hosted by DVDFuture

After being banished from the U.S.S. Enterprise, Nanners sets up camp on an uncharted planet, but soon he discovers the indigenous creatures who inhabit this dirty, musty rock…and they are none too happy to him. They force Nanners to duel against their ALIEN Queen!! It’s a battle to the death…

Thankfully Nanners’ intoxicating banana breath throws off the Queen and Nanners is able to escape by swimming into a nearby body of water….but what awaits our furry friend is beyond imagination!!!

Here’s a clever Alien-related commercial:

And since they’re short, here’s another:

Nanners managed to dig up a batch of classic spoofs–Alien, with Monkeys:


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