Nanners gets ‘activisty’…and so can you!!! (Part 3)

Nanners just can’t stand watching his fellow animal brethren in pain or dying due to deforestation, overfishing or any other man-related causes. Nanners continues to do his part, now he’s asking you for help. This week Nanners will cover various wildlife issues and offer up informative videos and websites where you can show your support by donating money and/or time. If Nanners can make a difference, so can you!!

There’s just something so innocent and adorable about the Red Panda, yet people keep destroying this cute, cuddly little fellow’s habitat which has placed the Red Panda on the endangered species list. 

Just watch this video and tell Nanners you don’t think these little furry guys are utterly adorable:

To learn more about the Red Panda, read the WIKI. To learn more about the conservationist effort and/or to donate to the cause, visit The Red Panda Network.


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