Nanners is the “terrorist” that Obama “pals around” with!

It continues–“Nanners Gets Political…Real F***in’ Political” — This week Nanners will be focusing his time and energy on his mortal enemy, the women who got Nanners pregnant–VP hopeful, Sarah Palin.


VP hopeful and genuine crazy woman, Sarah Palin, decided to fling some mud at Barack Obama this week (Nanners prefers poo, but that’s another story) in an effort to boost support of her Palin-McCain, err, McCain-Palin, campaign. She claimed that Barack Obama “pals around with terrorists.” Harsh, misguided and disappointingly racist words.

Most thought Palin was referring to an old activist buddy Obama once met, a guy named Bill Ayers. In fact, Sarah Palin was actually speaking about Barack’s PC tech-support relationship with Nanners, which is casual at best.

She has claimed ‘off the record’ that Nanners is nothing more than a “no good, two-timing towelhead–a true terrorist of America.” Well, Nanners does like to wear a towel on his head, but that’s just to be silly, or after a nice, hot shower. He hardly wears it for the deeply religious reasons various other cultures do.

As for being a terrorist, well, Nanners does support ‘The Sea Shepherd,’ which is widely considered a terrorist organization in some countries, but they fight to protect animals from extinction and to restore the balance of our unstable ecosystem. Perhaps being called a terrorist isn’t always a bad thing?

Perhaps it depends on what the cause is–what’s been done to determine such ‘terrorist’ action. Weren’t our founding fathers considered ‘terrorists’ of Britain during our countries’ volatile birthing pains? If Obama likes Paul Revere, does that mean he “likes terrorists?”

The way Nanners sees it, unless harm is done first by the organization, no harm should be caused. But he takes his ‘terrorist’ activities on a per-case basis, so Nanners suspects he won’t be converting to any ‘Extreme Islamic movements’ in the foreseeable future. But if he sees eye-to-eye with a group that’s hoping to restore balance, humanity and peace to our great nation, then he’s all about being a ‘terrorist.’ 


Sarah Palin Video of the Day –

Comedian Sara Benincasa does an absolutely perfect imitation of Sarah Palin in “Sarah Palin’s Vlog.” Check them out, you won’t be disappointed!


3 Responses

  1. McCain and Palin need to come up with a better solution for their campaign route, becuase the direction that they’re going is not doing them justice.

    They will lose those independent voters, because they want to hear real answers and solutions to their problems: their financial situation.

    When McPalin camp goes off steering towards a direction that’s far from the truth, they will lose the campaign. The polls are there to prove it.

  2. Thank you, Nanners. Thank you for making my life better.

  3. And thank you, Sara, for making Nanners laugh so much!

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