Nanners gets his own ‘flag pin’ and ‘glasses’

It continues–“Nanners Gets Political…Real F***in’ Political” — This week Nanners will be focusing his time and energy on his mortal enemy, the women who got Nanners pregnant–VP hopeful, Sarah Palin. Let the cheap character attacks ensue!!


In an effort to offer the American people one more choice, Nanners has decided, ‘Hey, if Sarah Palin can get into office sporting a flag pin and glasses, and no experience, maybe I can too!’

So, from this day forward, Nanners has dedicated himself to being your third party VP candidate. If any of the third party folks want him, he’s ready for the job. He DOES have his glasses and flag pin. That’s all you need, right?* 

Plus, Nanners can debate like a motherf***er!!

*Please be aware that Nanners is, in fact, pregnant with Sarah Palin’s child and may soon be giving birth to the humanzee antiChrist, but that shouldn’t stop him from his duties–if Palin can poorly raise five children, so can he!!

Sarah Palin Video of the Day –

A classic spoof that melds the infamous ‘Miss Teen USA’ viral video with the Palin-Charlie Gibson interview…classic!

Plus, one more shout out to Sara Benincasa and her awesome parody, “Sarah Palin’s Vlog!” Here’s another installment:


One Response

  1. Dear Nanners:
    I would vote for you.
    Sara Benincasa

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