Nanners, pregnant with Sarah Palin’s baby, to pose nude for posh magazine

It continues–“Nanners Gets Political…Real F***in’ Political” — This week Nanners will be focusing his time and energy on his mortal enemy, the women who got Nanners pregnant–VP hopeful, Sarah Palin. Let the cheap character attacks ensue!!


Nanners has decided to slight VP hopeful, and anti-abortionist, Sarah Palin once more by posing nude for ‘Vanity Fair’ magazine. Nanners is now nine months pregnant with Palin’s unborn child. Here’s a first look at that high-class photo shoot:


Nanners plans on keeping the child despite growing concerns that the child may, in fact, be “the spawn of some kind of moronic demon, possibly the anti-Christ,” as one doctor stated.

Nanners had originally wanted to abort the unnatural humanzee child due to heath concerns, but he could not afford to do so after paying for his own rape kit (as you may recall, Palin raped Nanners silly in early January). Making matters worse, Palin insisted that Nanners and she be married, but in recent weeks, Nanners has backed out of the much-anticipated interspecies marriage.

Nanners is due in the coming weeks (probably the first week of November) and many decisions need to be made before that unholy day arrives. Wish Nanners the best of luck!

Sarah Palin Video(s) of the Day –

Here’s a ‘greatest hits’ compilation of the all the recent Sarah Palin interviews!

…And because they are hysterical, another one of Sara Benincasa’s ‘Sarah Palin Vlogs’…this time, it’s a post-debate vlog!!


3 Responses

  1. […] Governor Sarah Palin attempted to enter the delivery room (to steal/eat the child), but was stopped by Nanners’ girlfriend, Flap Jack (also a monkey puppet) with whom Nanners met on the set of Nanners nude photo shoot. […]

  2. […] * Nanners, pregnant with Sarah Palin’s Baby, to pose nude for posh magazine […]

  3. […] Nanners, pregnant with Sarah Palin’s Baby, to pose nude for posh magazine […]

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