Nanners reads one of Sarah Palin’s ‘banned books’

It continues–“Nanners Gets Political…Real F***in’ Political” — This week Nanners will be focusing his time and energy on his mortal enemy, the women who got Nanners pregnant–VP hopeful, Sarah Palin. Let the cheap character attacks ensue!!


Nanners has discovered the “true” list of books that Sarah Palin wanted to ban in Wasilla. In an effort to offend the crazed VP hopeful yet again, Nanners has taken it upon himself to find and read ALL of the books on that list, starting with Bill Clinton’s “My Life.”

It’s gonna be a treacherous journey (have you read “My Life?” Ugh), but in the end, it’s all for the sake of offending Sarah Palin. Morally, that is what is right.

Sarah Palin Video(s) of the Day —

Here’s a rather funny swiftboat-inspired spoof ad:

And here’s the story about the banned books, the true reason why Nanners fundamentally stands against Sarah Palin. This country does NOT ban books. Age restrict, yes. Outright ban, never:


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