Nanners enjoys the debate!!

While the media will undoubtedly shape the narrative to emphasize McCain’s recent vow to make a “comeback,” Barack Obama came out the clear leader in Wednesday night’s Presidential Debate. Obama was more concise and to the point–giving firm answers, great rebuttals and even detailing policy, more so than any of his previous two debates.

McCain did better than his past two debates, but he came off far more hot tempered, even interrupting Barack several times, particularly when Barack was answering key questions that offset McCain’s original narrative. McCain was far too defensive for his own good and he ultimately came off brash, just as John Kerry did four years ago against Bush–the only difference is that McCain is playing for Bush’s team. It’s an uphill battle these days.

Making things even better, the questions asked were pointed and focused, forcing our two candidates out of their respective ‘talking point’ circles, though a few slipped in on both sides. Still, these were the best questions of any debate because they forced the two candidates to talk about their policies, their beliefs and each other. That’s what the American people wanted out of this debate and it finally provided.

But, Americans did get something else, something they didn’t want–mudslinging. It came from both sides, but McCain’s slams were far meaner and far more defensive, particularly his final dig about education vouchers which even caught the moderator off guard. The best moment came towards the middle of the debate when Obama offered up the suggestion that Republicans and Democrats need to find ‘common ground’ on issues. It nearly stunned the Arizona Senator. Hilarious.

In all, Nanners had a great time at his debate party. He learned a few things about each candidate and their potential administrations, but he must confess–Nanners would have been a far better choice for VP for Barack Obama. That Biden guy has added nothing to the show. Obama needed a monkey to offset the puppet on McCains side.

To watch this debate, as well as the others, visit HULU


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