Nanners at the Movies (Part 11) – Nanners IN a movie!!

Nanners will begin his Halloween-related world famous week-long ‘Nanners at the Movies’ segment tomorrow, but today he wants to focus on his involvement in a pretty major film from the mid-80s.

Yes folks, you heard it here first–Nanners was in a movie….you heard right, Nanners was the star of the popular big budget Michael Douglas action-adventure, “Romancing the Stone!”

Here’s the screenshot:

Nanners in Romancing the Stone

Nanners in Romancing the Stone

When questioned about his role in the film, Nanners told reporters, “I don’t really remember the 80s. I was pretty high back then, so I don’t have a lot to say about [the film]. I do remember Kathleen Turner though. Thought she was a man for half the shoot.”

So there you have it, folks. Straight from mouth of your favorite monkey puppet. Nanners was IN a movie!!! Hopefully he’ll get a chance to be in again some day.

Read the DVDFuture Blu-ray review of “Romancing the Stone” by clicking here.

NOTE: If you find any clips or photos of Nanners in any other films, please let us know.

Also, a friend of Nanners sent him this disturbing YouTube video about midlead Ohio voters. Thought you’d enjoy (?) watching it. Feel free to comment on your feelings about the video:


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