Nanners calls BULLS**T on Joe the Plumber


Nanners smells bullshit

Nanners smells bullshit


I think I get it now. I know why Samuel J. Wurzelbacher (aka Joe the Plumber) is gunnin’ for McCain!

Just this past weekend, my master’s pipes clogged up, filling one corner of the basement in muddy, smelly poop-scented water. It was awful, even for a monkey who enjoys the occasionally poo fling.

My master had to call a plumber in to fix the situation. When he got there, my master warned him “It smells pretty bad down there.”

The plumber simply replied, “I’ve done this so long, I can’t even smell anything anymore,” followed by a “Wooo, smells like money,” as he entered the unventilated area.

And that got me thinkin’ about good ol’ Joe the Plumber. I mean, let’s face it, the guy’s a plumber (unlicensed, mind you)–he smells shit so much, it’s in his blood. He can no longer tell a fresh scent from shit. No wonder he’s supporting McCain. McCain is head deep in shit, lying his eyes out and Joe the Plumber just sees the a guy running for President who enjoys spotlighting, and exploiting, “down home” folk…Joe can no longer smell McCain’s shit, let alone Palin’s shit (which I’m sure is greasy from all that moose blood she drinks).

But then this plumber’s other statement stuck in my mind. “Smells like money.” At first I thought the plumber was just cracking wise, then I realized that he meant the job would cost my master.

That got me thinkin’ about Joe the Plumber again. He admitted that the McCain camp contacted him two weeks prior to his initial encounter with Obama–was the whole thing a set up? Was it all a play from the Republican party to snag Obama with a cheap October surprise? What did they promise Joe in return?

Well, Joe is now talkin’ about running for Congress in his district–Republican, of course. He’s gotten more tabloid air time than Britney Spear’s vagina and he’s even headlining CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. Certainly smells like money to me!

Just look at his statement today (see above link). The guy claims he’s pro-McCain because Obama would mean “the death of Israel.” Are you kidding me? That’s what your concerned about, Joe? In the beginning, you were worried about your taxes. Last week, you called Obama a socialist and now that McCain is lookin’ to nab a few Jewish votes away from Obama, you shift gears to aid his cause?


Joe the Plumber is nothing more than a media-hungry whore. He’s out for the quick cash grab. He smelled money once he smelled that shit and now he’s in the pockets of the Republican party. Just wait and see. How much do you want to bet those back taxes he owes will mysteriously disappear next year. You just wait.

Just like Sarah Palin, he’s a “down home” folksy person who doesn’t truly represent that demographic. Ostensibly, sure, but beneath the surface, he’s a disgusting person who’s greed and lust for cheap tabloid attention has gone to his head.

Joe the Plumber might have been a nice guy at some point, but his head, body and spirit is clogged with bullshit. Perhaps Joe needs a plumber himself. If so, I got a guy.


Keith Olbermann: Joe The Plumber Is A Fraud:


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  1. It’s no good when there is poo in the blood. That shit causes sepsis! I hope you and the taller, less hairy bipeds have a leak-free house now.

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