Nanners gives birth to demon spawn, kicks Palin out of delivery room

Just after midnight, Nanners gave birth to a baby boy. Nanners, for those unaware, was pregant with Sarah Palin’s bastard child. After nine long months of gestation, the demon spawn saw the light of the world in the wee hours of the Monday morning. Here are some pictures:

Governor Sarah Palin attempted to enter the delivery room (to steal/eat the child), but was stopped by Nanners’ girlfriend, Flap Jack (also a monkey puppet) with whom Nanners met on the set of Nanners nude photo shoot.

The two, after some consideration, have decided to give the demon spawn (named Jezebeth, after the demon of lies, deceit and falsehoods) up for adoption (Angelina Jolie will be taking the child off their hands). 

“I’m glad everything is finally over. I can put this brutal situation behind me. I can get my life back in line and continue my bid for the White House, as a write-in candidate.”

When asked if Nanners would ever have children again, Nanners shrugged, “Maybe. It all depends on who its with. ”


Nanners with Flap Jack

Nanners with Flap Jack


We couldn’t agree more, Nanners. Best of luck!

Check back tomorrow to see Nanners at the polls and a new campaign video!


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