Nanners supports equal rights, and so should you!


Nanners isn’t gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that. But, he does however, support a person’s right to marriage, whether it’s between a man and man, a man and woman or a woman and a woman–as long as it can be arranged via an accepting church or through civil union. It doesn’t matter to him. These are basic human rights and they shouldn’t be rescinded because people voted against it. But that’s exactly what Prop 8 did in California–it took rights away from people, basic rights, legal rights. The bill was confusing, Nanners read it and thought he was for it, not against it (thank God Nanners didn’t vote in CA). Nanners even twitted about it before making a correction. 

Nanners could go on about the issue, but he’s not as schooled as others. His good friend sent him an email this morning with some information on the subject. If you’d like be a part of the protest movement, visit this site and see where the protests are taking place. If you live in San Francisco, you can check this site out for more information.

**Nanners laughed his ass off during these two horrifying, and depressing, videos:


One Response

  1. A few things I wanted to add…
    Heh. That first video was great. As if two gay men couldn’t give a million reasons what marriage is for besides having babies.
    And the second? “Gay couples lose none of their rights and privileges”?!??!? That’s because they barely have any to lose! If they had all the same privileges as other couples the fight over the word “marriage” wouldn’t be such a big deal.
    It is the fact that heterosexual couples have not only staked claim on the word “marriage” but also attached to it tons of rights that any tax-paying citizen should have, no matter their sexual orientation.
    These ads act as if this is a fight over the word marriage–but anyone can have a wedding run by a minitser who supports gay unions and tell their firends and family that they are married. That’s not illegal at all.
    It’s the government and insurance sanctioned benefits of marriage that are the issue and that has nothing to do with all of this nonsense about confusing school children.
    Gay couples are here. Period. If that’s confusing to school children, no constitutional amendment is going to make that confusion go away.
    Denying gay couples the rights and security measures put in place for straight couples doesn’t make things more clear for these children. It just teaches them that it’s OK to discriminate against hard-working, tax-paying citizens.

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