Nanners doesn’t even need to pimp the Snuggie…it pimps itself!


OK, so the picture isn’t related to the story below…Nanners just likes to eat bananas, even gross looking ones. And he’s silly, so sue him ūüėČ

Nanners totally forgot to mention this yesterday…When he went to Walgreens, there was a guy there who walked in right before him, and just as Nanners walked in, this man saw the¬†Snuggie¬†display. He started talking about how great they were and how he couldn’t believe Walgreens still had them in stock. The lady at the counter told him they were selling like crazy. So, and Nanners is NOT kidding about this, this noble patron bought their last remaining two!!!!

My friends, this is a Snuggie Revolution!! 

Here’s the first-ever McDonald’s Commercial — see, all great soul-sucking enterprises have creepy beginnings!


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