Nanners hides from Christian Bale!

If you haven’t heard, back in July, Christian Bale went on a somewhat justified angry tirade against cinematographer Shane Hurlbert (on the set of Terminator: Salvation) after he entered Bale’s line of sight during a crucial dramatic scene in the film. Apparently, it wasn’t the first time he’d done this, either.

Here’s the audio clip in youtube form (this is not work safe, unless no one is around):

If you want the real story behind what happened, read about it here. 

While Your Daily Nanners firmly believes director McG is to blame for not being able to control his set, his crew and his actors appropriately, Nanners is to blame for releasing the audio of Bale flipping out. As it turns out, Nanners came upon the audio recording while searching for a decent Hippopotamus growl on google and decided to send it to TMZ.

Why? Well, because Nanners is silly.

Now, Nanners has gotten word that Bale is after him…and he’s scared, so he’s decided to hide:


While Bale’s rant was hardly anything compared the bloody rants and wails of hooligans at a British Football game, he’s still scared that the beefy Hollywood star might come after him with a fiery vengeance. Nanners was just being silly…he promises! Hopefully Bale won’t catch him.

In the meantime, check out this hysterical remix (also not work safe, unless no one is around):

And give this Christian Bale soundboard a whirl!

But please folks, don’t let this deter you from seeing T4. The set might not have been run very smoothly, but it looks like the efforts of the cast and crew paid off. It really does look great…here’s a trailer:








One Response

  1. I can see how it would scare nanners, he is an innocent, but artists are tightly wound and tempermental at the best of times.

    I volunteer for the Idaho Dance Theater as a house manager, and I got lit up by a choreographer because one of my ushers allowed some patrons to cross the back of the house after the performance started. I thought it was odd because I AM A VOLUNTEER, but performers are super sensitive to distraction when they are on stage, and very passionate.

    To me, it wasn’t that big a deal. When it happened to me, I took responsibility, and thought “ok, crazy artist lady, whatever” and moved on.

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